Heritage Honeybee--Preserving a Legacy Video


Tim Wilbanks, owner of Heritage Honeybee, is a fifth generation beekeeper. He grew up in Claxton, Georgia working in his family’s commercial package and queen rearing business, The Wilbanks Apiaries, Inc.. He has a first-hand understanding of the time, effort, and dedication that goes into raising quality queens and producing healthy bees for all beekeepers, from hobbyists to commercial levels.  He is an active member of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, the Iowa Honey Producers Association, and the American Beekeeping Federation. 

Tim and his wife, Sarah, founded Kalona Honey Company in 2013 in Southeastern Iowa. In 2016, Tim acquired Lee Heine’s package bee distribution business, which led to relocating the primary family residence to Southeastern Wisconsin.

Heritage Honeybee was born and has grown to be the nation's largest distributor of package bees, nucleus colonies, and queens.  Bees are sourced from the best producers in Georgia and Northern California, and then distributed throughout the Great Plains, Midwest, and Great Lakes regions.  In addition to supplying bees, the business sells beekeeping equipment and also provides education through beekeeping classes and speaking engagements. It’s truly a family business that relies on the help of Sarah and the children, who represent the 6th generation of beekeepers: Ansley, Harrison, Reed, Priscilla, Beatrice, and Agnes. The kids can usually be found doing anything from assisting customers to sticking drones to the tips of their tongues while they try to convince people of their 'magical' bee charming skills!