Bees Are Our Business!

Pricing, WI Sales Tax, & Quantity Discounts:

Bees can be purchased from our online store using your credit card.  Credit card processing fees (approx. 3.5%) are included in the online prices.  Sales tax will be applied at check out.

If you have a WI Sales Tax Exemption (click here for form WI s-211) or wish to save the credit card processing fee (approx. 3.5%), please print, complete, and mail the 2024 Price List & Order Form along with a check.

We source our bees from state-inspected, reputable producers in Georgia and Northern California.  Apiary health certificates can be provided upon request.

We do not ship packages or nucs via the US Postal Service or expedited carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.).  Packages and nucs are available for pick up only at our Sullivan, WI location.  We do have pick up locations/vendors in OH, IN, IL, IA, MI, MN, MO, NE, and KS-please reach out to us for their contact info.

Info for New Beekeepers

Bees are domesticated livestock that require animal husbandry.  Beekeeping can be a wonderful and enjoyable hobby IF you invest the time to educate yourself on the proper care and management of bees.  We highly recommend you take a beginning beekeeping class before purchasing bees.  We offer a free, 2-day Beekeeping 101 course several times throughout the Fall and Winter (see our Classes page).


A package of bees contains bulk bees (2lb. or 3lb) and a separate cage within a cage that contains a young, mated queen that will need to be introduced into the colony.  Marking of queens is available by request for orders of less than 10 at the rate of $5 per queen.  The screened cage is yours to keep or dispose of properly (no cage deposits or returns).  


A 5-frame nuc is a "mini" established colony that comes with a young, laying queen that has mothered the nuc as it has grown and developed. The queen is loose on the frames, so handle the nuc box with care during transport.  A nuc will typically contain 4 frames of bees, brood and food (honey/pollen).  The 5th frame may be bees, brood, food or a frame of foundation added for expansion room that is in the process of being drawn out.  The nuc box is yours to keep and makes a great box in which to catch swarms or make splits from established colonies.  


Additional mated queens are available for purchase when in stock.